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DEL Time: 16:47
Request For: Pro and College Basketball
Request Title: Pick and Roll
Add pick and roll to basketball simulation.

Submitted Dec 29 18:29:15 2018 by Andy Dolphin
Coaches In Favor of Change: Andy Dolphin, Stephen Thompson, Jens Behrend, Johnny Gunn, John Henry, Ron BK, Coach Mack, Sascha Middendorf, Coach LB, Coach Hitch, Biff Malibu Dd, Rob Larocque, Bill Edwards, Xane Cox, Joe P M, Luke McCann, Coach Shers
Coaches Opposed to Change: Adnan Bislimovic

Coach LB: For in principle but would need more details on which strength/weakness it gives to a team using it.
Stephen Thompson: I think this would be a great addition to the simulation and super important for mirroring how real life games look. How would this be balanced though? Specifically ... what would a good pick and roll offense look like from a player perspective? What is the downside to running it? How can a defense counter it?
Adnan Bislimovic: I am not convinced any more by this idea. To be honest I do not like the fact of risk/reward...it should be a tool for the strength/weakness of a team/player or a tactical setting tool. But if we play this as a tactical setting tool we have to develop different other tactics. so you can switch the tactics by players you have in a team.
Bill Edwards: I think this would be a great addition to the game and would put more emphasis on coaching decisions. We have been begging for more options to the sim, well here is a great one
Coach Shers: I like it. Additional comments - what attributes would be better for a pick and roll offense? int? ps?

Category: New Feature
Status: In Review (last updated Nov 28 14:08:23 2019 )
Priority: Under Discussion
Admin Notes
Clearly there is some level of risk/reward. Here are some thoughts:
- If it works, the offense get an open shot, either from the handler or the screener
- If it doesn't work, at best (from the offense's standpoint) there is no advantage gained, and at worst there is a turnover, charge, or the handler is trapped.
In terms of defense options, this is less clear, especially as the primary defense is switching, something zone defenses should generally be more adept at.
I'd love to get other suggestions.

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