List of Leagues

Pro Football
Coach E-mail League
!Consolidated Classic Coach League
Electronic American Football League
Football E-mail League
Internet Football League
*DEL Cup

College Football
College Coach E-mail League

Pro Baseball
Bullpen Baseball Association
Dugout Baseball League
+Electronic Professional Baseball League
Internet Baseball League
Internet Major League Baseball
Manager E-mail League
Web Baseball League
*DEL Cup

College Baseball
College Manager E-Mail League

Pro Basketball
Basket E-Mail League
Cyber Basket Association
Deutsche Basketball Internet Liga (German)
North American Basketball Association
*DEL Cup

College Basketball
College Basket E-Mail League

Pro Hockey
Hockey E-mail League
National Online Hockey League
*DEL Cup

College Hockey
Electronic Collegiate Hockey League

Pro Soccer
Electronic Football Association
International Online Football Association
*DEL Cup
Non-DEL Leagues
Magic Football League (German)

! CCCL runs at a slow pace, with only one game per week.
+ EPBL contains a full six levels of minor league play.
* DEL Cup is is a tournament made of human-run teams from all pro leagues on the DEL site except CCCL (football) and EPBL (baseball).
Dolphin E-mail Leagues are based on DSG's simulation games. Pro leagues use realistic season schedules, with a draft, free agent signings, preseason, regular season, and postseason. College leagues use NCAA-style seasons, with a recruiting period and a season consisting of non-conference games, conference games, and a postseason.

DSG also offers PC versions of its games, which you can play on a 486 or higher that runs DOS or Windows. The demo is free and will play for five seasons (pro) or two seasons (college). Click here for information on DSG's PC games.

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