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DEL Time: 22:32
Request For: Pro and College Baseball
Request Title: Stealing settings (3B vs 2B)
Request a change to the times (%)a player would decide to steal 3B vs. 2b?
The issue to solve here is that if a runner is in scoring position at 2B in a tight game there is no reason to steal 3B,specifically if there are two outs. The current system has my 10 speed guys getting thrown out at 3B on a steal attempt. This ends a scoring opportunity when even a single probably scores them either way.

Submitted Dec 30 12:11:29 2018 by John Henry
Coaches In Favor of Change: John Henry, Loren Smith, Johnny Gunn, Coach Jackson, Mike Schaplowsky, Joe P M, Kevin LaRue, Richard Robillard, Jason Kidd
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Loren Smith: I hate seeing my guys (even my fastest guys) stealing 3b with nobody out or two out. One of the unwritten rules of baseball is to not steal in this situation and you are likely to score on a single from second.
Joe P M: This has been talked about before. This would be a great addition.

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Work (last updated Dec 31 11:09:23 2018 )
Priority: Long Term
Admin Notes
Multiple requests need to be submitted separately. I have deleted the second part of this request (setting stealing settings by baserunner) as that is largely a duplicate of another request.
Regarding specifying stealing by 2B vs. 3B separately, that is probably something worth adding. I will need to see if there is room in the current team settings structure for another value - if yes it can be done quickly, if no I will wait to make the change simultaneously with other baseball updates that require updating the memory mappings.

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