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DEL Time: 21:31
Request For: Pro and College All Sports
Request Title: Add More Player Attributes
Historically, the players in the leagues have only had a certain range of attributes because there was an interest in keeping the game playing on an MS DOS screen that was only 80 characters wide. (Yes, the SIMS have been around that long.)
With modern screens, this limitation is no longer relevant. We should be able to add a wide range of attributes to players to make the simulation much deeper.
* Quickness
* Free Throw Shooting
* Weight
* All players could have passing ratings and catching ratings (allowing for trick plays)
* All players could have both offensive and defensive attributes (allowing for occasional two-way players, and true position switching like OL <-> DL or WR <-> CB which happen all the time in college ball)
* Give all players fielding attributes
* Give all players pitching attributes
* Separate Df into outfield D and infield D (important to mimic modern rosters)
[Folks who know those sports need to pitch in here]

Submitted Jan 9 20:59:21 2019 by Stephen Thompson
Coaches In Favor of Change: Stephen Thompson, Joe P M, Coach Jackson, Johnny Gunn, Sanford Chick, Frank Hopkins
Coaches Opposed to Change: John Fitzpatrick, Adnan Bislimovic, Robert Redmond, Bill Edwards

John Fitzpatrick: Have always wanted the ability to change IF to OF and vice versa in baseball. Has always happened in real life, and players switching or even playing both within the same season and game even has been on the rise.
Stephen Thompson: John - it sounds like you are in favor of the change, but voted against it? Andy - you ask why players should have infield/outfield defense when players cannot change between these? But players cannot change between these for PRECISELY this reason ... Jayson Heyward is a gold glove RF, but it would be wrong to assume that he could lineup at SS and suddenly be Ozzie Smith. For overlapping attributes like in basketball and football, it seems like maybe there could be a "template" when creating a player. So for example, an OL would have 5-10 Wt and 0-4 speed. You could get the same idea in basketball where you could have "speedy" which would result in smaller players who, overall, are smaller, quicker, and shorter, and "big guy" who will tend to be bigger, slower, and taller. There could be a standard deviation that goes outside these ranges which allows for superlative players ... LeBron James is a big guy, but he's extremely quick. It should be possible to have an outlier like that. The main complain in football is that you get so many guys who are 9 speed, 9 weight ... you're talking a 300 pounder who runs a 4.3 ... it's just extremely unusual. Having players conform a bit more to a template will round out some of that.
Adnan Bislimovic: For Basketball it is absolutely not necessary. The attributes are enough. We should create instead more game/player/quarter options that would be more important and add more transparency to the game f.e. Defenses etc.

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Review (last updated Feb 3 11:17:49 2019 )
Priority: Under Discussion
Admin Notes
I'm not completely sold on the value (or even the realism) of this. The degree of specialization that occurs means through practice, training, and repetition means that even if some NFL safety played QB in high school, he would probably be worse than any NFL quarterback. So, if there were trick plays added to the game, why not just assume the non-QB throwing the ball has a passing ability somewhere between dreadful and has talent but hasn't passed in 5+ years?
In basketball, quickness and weight are already implicitly in the game as part of the height ability. If we made them independent, we would then get the same criticism that exists in the football game that you shouldn't have so many people who are speedy and heavy.
In basketball, what is the point of separating infield from outfield defense if the game doesn't allow players to move between those positions?

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