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DEL Time: 23:15
Request For: Pro and College Basketball
Request Title: Additional settings for late game
We have one setting for "Close and within 3" ... I realize that this is a saying that we have a one possession game and there are less than 12:30 on the clock, so it's a wide band.
That said, if there is, say, 1 minute to play and I'm up 3 ... I'm looking at a very different strategy than if there is 1 minute to play and I'm down 3. In one case I'm looking to take off the pressure, just play solid half-court defense - I have the lead and I don't want to give up an easy shot. In the other case, I'm desperate to get a turnover.
I'd like to see this divided into two: Late & Up 3 or less. Late & tied or behind by 3 or less.

Submitted Jan 10 20:13:26 2019 by Stephen Thompson
Coaches In Favor of Change: Stephen Thompson, John Henry, Bill Edwards, Coach Hitch
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Stephen Thompson: No doubt there could be infinite settings. I just think that late and up 3 versus late and down 3 are so foundationally different as to warrant different settings.
John Henry: Current Settings Early, Late and Ahead. Late and Within 3, Late and Behind, Blowout Win, Blowout Loss I would like to see this a bit more defined for late game situations something like this... Early - Would be 1st quarter until last 4 minutes of 2nd half unless blowout settings kick in. These settings then kick in at the 4 minute to go mark. I am not sold on 4 minutes, just about the time in the game teams get a higher sense of urgency as the clock is winding down and the final TV timeout occurs. Late and Ahead more than 3, Late and Ahead 3 or less, Late and Behind more than 3, Late and Behind 3 or less Finally these would stay the same as today Blowout Win, Blowout Loss
Bill Edwards: Would be a great element to add to our game. Would give the coaches even more opportunities to control their teams in a critical part of the game. Lets geter done!

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Review (last updated Feb 3 11:18:08 2019 )
Priority: Under Discussion
Admin Notes
Clearly there could be a near infinite combinations of situations. Would like feedback from coaches on what they would like to see differently that most improves flexibility while most making the game better.

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