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DEL Time: 17:04
Request For: College All Sports
Request Title: Recruiting - later rounds
Currently, prospects will visit only a maximum of 5 schools in each round. That works fine in round 1. But, could it be 7 or 8 schools in round 2, and 10 schools (or unlimited) in round 3? In later rounds, tier 1 (and many tier 2) schools only have a couple of spots to fill, but may (understandably) invite 40 or 50 prospects because they don't know who will visit. Many of those are only fallback options for those schools, while teams that actually want those players are locked out of even making bids. Some prospects go through all three rounds unsigned because they are fallbacks for top schools and teams that want them never get them to visit.

Submitted Jan 13 15:49:20 2019 by Arkimedes Z
Coaches In Favor of Change: Arkimedes Z, Coach Clipboard, Stephen Thompson, John Henry, Mark Good, Xane Cox, Nate Fowler, Jim Caruso, Andy Dolphin, Ron BK DD
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Coach Clipboard: Strongly agree - prospects take their official visits but the extra ones beyond the five in the first round would pretty much simulate unofficial visits and yes does make sense re: the players falling through the cracks
John Henry: I would be in favor if we cap the number of schools at 10 or less in later rounds. One area to be careful is that Tier I teams may poach a few of the more talented guys late in this scenario. Even with no scholarships they can invite up to max allowed and will have more recruits show up as visits on each team. It might be worth the risk if they save a handful of points to throw at them. This would be the opposite of the intent of the change.
Andy Dolphin (Dec 30 15:04:41 2019 ): testing comment sort

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Work (last updated Jan 12 12:28:15 2020 )
Priority: Declined
Admin Notes
I don't believe this is necessary at this point. A change was made last year to prevent players from holding out for later rounds if they didn't get invited by "good" schools. Also, scholarship offers trump non-scholarship offers (both during inviting and recruiting phases), so there is no possibility of a player ignoring a mid-major's scholarship offer in favor of a power team's non-scholarship.
If there are specific instances of this happening during upcoming recruiting seasons, please let me know and I will reconsider.

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