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DEL Time: 19:38
Request For: Pro and College All Sports
Request Title: Mock Draft
I would love to have something like a Mock Draft from the system created by the season initialization!
For example a projected order by Position.

Submitted Feb 5 06:31:06 2019 by Adnan Bislimovic
Coaches In Favor of Change: Adnan Bislimovic, Mike Schaplowsky, Steve Slaughter, Rob Larocque, Coach Hitch
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Adnan Bislimovic: Wow, this sounds great ! Maybe we should have three rankings. For Basketball it would be: 1. current ability 2. potential peak 3. college stats with a split in a) all positions b) PG c) SG c) SF d) PF e) C And what about Talent ?
Coach Hitch: I like this idea. Project draft based upon potential of player (maybe within the next three years as the base of potential)

Category: New Feature
Status: In Review (last updated Feb 7 07:16:24 2019 )
Priority: Under Discussion
Admin Notes
Need specifics. Should this be as ranked by current ability, potential peak, college stats, some sort of blend, ...?

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