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DEL Time: 23:01
Request For: College Football
Request Title: Players leaving early for draft
Currently it feels like 8-10 players leave early for the draft each season. At this point if we want to bring realism to the sim I think there should be more players entering the draft.
There was something like 120-140 players with eligibility remaining that entered this past seasons NFL Draft. I'm not suggesting having that high of a number, but something 30+ players would suffice for the time being.
It could bring another element to recruiting, and bring another challenge of the same teams remaining at the top of tier 1.

Submitted Aug 4 09:46:37 2019 by Christopher Hero
Coaches In Favor of Change: Christopher Hero, Keith Copeland, Michael Scarn
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Category: Enhancement
Status: In Review (last updated Aug 4 11:31:50 2019 )
Priority: Under Discussion
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