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DEL Time: 13:27
Request For: College All Sports
Request Title: All American voting
This is not related to game play but the selection criteria needs to be tweaked to take into consideration minimum downs/games/innings etc in each college league.
Example: When these guys are on the ballot
Name PA P PY PTD R RY RTD Int Sck Blk BA M.Martinez 13 11 97 5 97 558 9 0 0 0 0 198 5.95 VATc
W.Thomas 13 12 122 5 57 234 12 1 0 4 6 115 5.09 FLSt
D.Washington 4 2 23 0 112 512 15 0 0 7 13 187 4.61 Pitt
And this guy is not, there is an issue.
J.Barnes 27 22 231 1 349 1756 17 6 0 18 48 596 5.28 TB
The voting is a joke and I would opt out except it hurts prestige if you do so.

Submitted Oct 1 21:54:43 2019 by John Henry
Coaches In Favor of Change: John Henry, Stephen Thompson, Jim Caruso, Coach Shers, Loren Smith, Mike Daniel
Coaches Opposed to Change: none

Stephen Thompson: I know the game likes the averages, etc., but yeah - a player really needs to be a starter for his own team. It likes those guys probably because Thomas has 17 touchdowns on only 69 touches ... wow this guy is a total TD machine!!! Martinez ... 14 TDs on 108 touches. It seems like this should be pretty easy to winnow. In football where the number of downs played is right there... the guy needs have been on the field for ... say ... 400 downs? That's not even 50%. In basketball, at least 50% of the available minutes played, so 20 mpg in college, 24 mpg in pro? I'm sure similar metrics can be derives in the other sports. I'm just too lazy to look for them.
Jim Caruso: I realize there are issues when players change positions. However, in the example above my (Pitt) back-up TB was on the ballot because of his touchdowns and efficiency (TDs per carry?) and my starter, who had 1700+ yards and 11 TDs was not on the ballot. I agree there should be minimum usage requirements to be eligible for the ballot.
Loren Smith: I stopped voting because obvious candidates are left off (like the leading rusher in CCEL numerous times).
Coach Shers: definitely need improvements here, its not helpful currently

Category: Enhancement
Status: Completed (last updated Dec 8 12:32:08 2019 )
Priority: Short Term
Admin Notes
The all-star/all-American selection algorithm has been updated to reduce the likelihood of reserves being nominated to the ballot.

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