Customer Service

DEL takes great pride in answering questions and fixing problems with the software in a timely manner. Almost all questions get answered within 24 hours, and most within 8-12 hours. Bug reports are taken very seriously as well, and serious problems that prevent smooth running of the leagues are given highest priority and generally fixed within hours.


The heart of DEL is its simulation software, among the best in the industry. We have been developing these games since 1991, and our football simulation ranked as one of the all-time top 10 downloads on download.com. We have been running online leagues since 1995, growing nonstop while also generating spinoff leagues that license our software. Read more about DEL's history.

The result of this is that, you will get a product that has been tried and tested by hundreds of others, many of whom have played dozens of seasons online and hundreds at home. We promise to use this to give you the best gaming experience possible.


For all of our features, we charge just $5.95 per team per season. You won't find a better deal.

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