DEL Rules of Conduct

1. Content
Participating in DEL will provide various opportunities for transmitting unscreened content, including e-mail messages sent to other users through the DEL mailing system, posting on the mesage boards, selection of personal name and e-mail addresses, and selection of team names and information. DEL does not screen or endorse such content, and does not assume responsibility for damages arising from such content. However, for the benefit of other coaches in the league, the following content is prohibited:

In addition, questions on how to run your team, complaints about how things are run, suggestions for improvements, reports of errors in the software, etc., are generally inappropriate content for the mailing lists. Discussion of questions pertaining to the sim is the topic of the message boards; all questions or comments directed to DEL staff should be sent with the "contact DEL" e-mail link.

2. E-mail Address
You are expected to keep your current e-mail address listed with DEL, so that you can receive important notices from DEL, as well as results of league activities and messages from other users of DEL. This address must be one for which messages sent to the address can be received by you. If your e-mail address is not valid, you may be removed from any leagues you are in without warning.

3. Participation
Once you have your own team to control, you are expected to be an active participant in the league that your team is a part of. This means being active in the offseason, making sure that your team has a legal roster, as well as being active during the season, making sure that your team is coached. If your team goes a full season without your participation, you will be removed. Additionally, a commissioner of a league has the right to remove you at any time for lack of sufficient participation. We encourage interaction with other owners by giving your team rewards when you send out press releases.

4. Relations with Other Users and DEL
You are not to interfere with another user's use or enjoyment of DEL. Additionally, DEL is not under obligation to modify the software or the league policies to suit your desires. Any harassment or personal attacks against DEL staff or other users will not be tolerated. Note the restrictions on user-submitted content listed above under (1), and please remember at all times that the use of the DEL mailing lists and message boards is a privilege, not a right.

Commissioners have been given significant discretion in deciding how their leagues will be run. If you have a question or complaint about commissioner decisions, please first ask your commissioner for a clarification first. If this does not resolve your question/complaint, please use the "contact" form to contact DEL. Do not use the forum or e-mail lists to vent your frustrations; this inevitably makes situations worse rather than better, and can result in posts being deleted, league fines, or if warranted, loss of posting privileges.

5. Sportsmanship
Not only is coaching a team in DEL "just a game," but it is a simulation of a game rather than the game itself. Of course everyone wants to win, but in DEL always remember that nobody's job is on the line if you win or lose a certain game, and that you are not a better or worse person for having won or lost. (However, people will think much worse of you if you act like a jerk in the process!) So don't complain about how some mysterious error in the simulation caused you to use, about how the other coach cheated to get an advantage, or related things. If you have a valid concern with the game, please use the DEL feedback link to let us know, but it is generally poor taste to put such things in your mailings to the other coaches. The rule of thumb is to keep everything positive, as much as is possible.

Additionally, you are required to field the best team that you can for every game. "Tanking" games in order to build up money or secure high draft picks is prohibited, and doing so can cause your team to be fined, forfeit its draft picks, or for repeated offenses, cause you to lose your team.

Finally, since DEL attempts to simulate sports to a high degree of accuracy, coaches are expected to (a) attempt to get the best players possible and (b) find realistic game plans to make the best use of those players. DEL is not a game of finding the loophole or bug that gives you the biggest edge. If you find such a problem with the simulation (in terms of some unrealistic strategy being successful when it should not be), please report it and we will fix it if there is indeed a problem with the simulation. You are not to use that bug to win as many games as you can before somebody else catches you. Note that this is not an attempt to discourage experimentation altogether; all good coaches test out a variety of strategies to see what works best with their players and against the opponents they will be meeting.

6. Penalties
League commissioners and DEL staff are empowered to, at their sole discretion, determine whether a user's actions are in conflict with the letter or spirit of the DEL Terms of Service agreement and Rules of Conduct. Should this be the case, the user may be removed from any leagues he is in, and will not be entitled to any refund from DEL; other possible penalties include fines or sanctions against the user's teams or a suspension or revoking of his mailing list and message board posting privileges.

7. Payment
DEL charges each team owner $5.95 per team per season per team. Team assistants do not have to pay for participation. Payment may be made either by check or through, which permits credit card payments. Detailed information will be sent by e-mail when payments are due.

Payment is due at the start of each season. You will be e-mailed a weekly reminder, starting about a month before the season begins. If payment has not been received before the start of the season, you will lose control of your team and it will be run by the computer until payment is received (and if payment is later yet, you will lose your team altogether).

If you join during the middle of a season, the amount you pay for the ongoing season will be prorated by the fraction of the season that has been played. If you join during playoffs, your payment will pay for the current season as well as the upcoming season.

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