PC Game Order Form

Please click next to the game(s) you wish to purchase. The cost is $20 per game, plus 5.6% sales tax (Arizona residents only). Do NOT use this form to pay your DEL dues; go to your MyDEL screen and click on the payment button to pay for DEL. Note: make sure that you have the demo version of the game installed and working on your computer before purchasing; ordering the game merely gives you the code to enter into the demo to play unlimited seasons.

Game NameDescriptionCostPurchase
Basketpro basketball (NBA) game$20.00
College Basketcollege basketball (NCAA Div I) game$20.00
Coachpro football (NFL) game$20.00
College Coachcollege football (NCAA Div I) game$20.00
Hockeypro hockey (NHL) game$20.00
College Hockeycollege hockey (NCAA Div I) game$20.00
Managerpro baseball (MLB) game$20.00
College Managercollege baseball (NCAA Div I) game$20.00
Soccerpro soccer (English) game$20.00
Sales TaxArizona residents only$1.12 each

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